A fascinating and realistic read about Washington, DC politics. Having worked in and around Capitol Hill myself, I believe that the author knows his subject well. With immigration reform continuing to be a very hot topic, I hope Mr. Fleming has more in store.

This engaging novel follows a young Florida lawyer as he arrives in Washington, makes his way through the political, partisan barricades of the Capitol, sidesteps dangerous enemies and emerges wiser for the journey. It’s an entertaining story with suspense, romance and a likeable, if unlikely, hero in lawyer and congressional staffer Nick Taft. Taft is enough of a slacker to keep the novel amusing as it explores today’s big political issue – immigration – while the character's detailed descriptions of the inside and underside of the congressional offices on Capitol Hill give the book an authentic inside-the-Beltway feel. Great reading!

I just finished Majority Rules. Great read. The book has all the elements of great thrillers - character development, surprise, tension and the all important, "I just can't put it down" syndrome. In addition, it appears Fleming knows what he is talking about when it comes to DC and politics, So in addition to a great read, I actually learned something about the immigration issue. Don't worry, however, the little knowledge I gained did not sacrifice any of the great moments that move a mystery forward. I literally finished this book in 48 hrs and that is while I went to a job and took care of my four year old. I am desperate for the next book. Please, Mr. Fleming... get writing!!! I tried to buy this book at Barnes & Noble and it is only sold here. I don't fully understand this as this is a book EVERYONE would want to read this summer.

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